Week in Keyboards #31

Cherry GMK Keycap GB

Cherry GMK Keycap GB This is a groupbuy for the recently available cherry GMK keys, In the above colours. This was around last week but as it is a rolling groupbuy it is still worth a mention.

It will be run until 150 sets have been ordered. At the time of writing this 102 have been ordered. Also, note that this set was previously for 6 keys however due to the popularity an additional keycap was added.


  • $16/set (and paypal fees)


  • $10 (could be more if you are ordering a large amount.)

This could be the new GMK spacebar, certainly something nice to collect.

Pulse is Successful

Pulse base set This is not really a surprise to anyone but it has happened. With this news the lowest price has been reached.

Massdrop Mentions

  • Sparkle Loft Keycaps

    Run in a small GB on GH these are once again available on Massdrop. Pictured above is the reactor keycap but others are available. But I would say this is the more unique and interesting keycap on offer.
    Prices vary but you are looking at $55+shipping for a reactor.

  • Sparkle Loft on Massdrop

  • Grifiti ErgoDox Wrist Rest

    I was always looking for these when I had an ErgoDox so I thought they were worth a mention.

  • Grifiti ErgoDox Wrist Rest on Massdrop

New Model F’s

Not new this week but still worth a mention. The new Model F’s are still here and in the early bird round. This should be a project remembered for a long time and it is incredibly to see it come to fruition.

VE.A Information

A lot of new information in the GH thread, best of all a nice new video. The information is really on the parts so I don’t really want to regurgitate it, so if this interests you head to the thread.

Artisan Keycap Directory

This was something I have been thinking of doing and I have something but this is really all I wanted to do, done by someone else.
That person is Bambino, and it is really good list showcasing the creations of makers in the community.

I might still create my own but I’m not sure of its worth.

If you have any suggestions or know of anyone not on the list please post in the thread.

On that note I am aiming for an artisan roundup by the end of this week.

Typed on HHKB Pro 2