Keyboard Map of the World

The keyboard map of the world is a small project to help map the world through keyboards. I started it on /r/mechanicalkeyboards as an attempt to facilitate meet-ups and help the community by showing them where other members are.

The map is however an on going project as there is really nothing that I can do to improve it. What needs to happen is for other people to add themselves to the map.

Since it was started on reddit all the names are a reddit usernames. This was an attempt to keep it semi-anonymous so that data can only really be used when trying to contact someone directly. The locations on the map are also not entirely accurate, this is another attempt to keep the map more private. But this does not affect the purpose as it still allows other users to find people near them and what keyboards they have.

Please feel free to add yourself to the map.

I don't know what happend to this looks like it's gone :(