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I never thought I’d see the day but here we are. A new set of HHKB keyboards. Announced on the 9th of December (I’m a bit late to the party) there are 3 new keyboards.

HHKB Classic:
HHKB Pro 2 but with USB-C and no usb ports! PBT Spacebar

HHKB Hybrid:
Bluetooth and USB-C Reprogrammable PBT Spacebar

HHKB Hybrid Type-S:
Bluetooth and USB-C Reprogrammable Upgraded silencing PBT Spacebar

Just like the HHKB Pro 2 you can have the Japanese or US layout and choose between legends and blanks.

Now it’s nothing entirely groundbreaking. Design wise, they’ve rounded the corners and removed the branding on the bottom row. For the classic model the only real change is the migration to USB-c. Sadly it is not reprogrammable and only has dip switches like previous models.

The Hybrid models are more interesting as they have bluetooth, USB-C and are reprogrammable.

For customising keymaps, PFU have created their own little tool (HHKBKeymapTool_100.exe), which is only available for windows. Try as I might I could not get this to work in wine so I wasted a few hours on that. Eventually I span up a virtual machine to test it out. And unfortunately you can’t do anything without one of the new models plugged in. So I have no idea of it’s capabilities.

So apologies this is the best I managed to get. HHKB keymap remapping tool error screen

Where can I buy the new HHKB?

At the moment you can buy these on or the Fujitsu US Store
It appears Fujitsu/PFU is now managing the sales themselves instead of partnering with third parties. So sadly they are only officially available in Japan and the US.

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New IBM Model F F66 Beige

What is it?

There are 4 keyboards being sold here with customisations available to each.

  F62 (Kishsaver) F77 Ultra Compact F62 Ultra Compact F77
  New IBM Model F F62 Beige New IBM Model F F77 Beige New IBM Model F F62 Black Compact New IBM Model F F77 Compact Beige
Weight 3.4kg 3.8kg 1.5kg 1.8kg
Size 59-62 keys 74-77 keys 59-62 keys 74-77 keys

All can be bought with dyesub PBT keycaps or without.

Available in these colour swatches but with additional cost for Silver Gray and True Red. New Model F Available in These Colours

An improvement on the Model M?

Model Ms use membrane buckling springs whereas the Model Fs use capacative buckling springs. What does this actually mean? The capacitive switches sit on a pcb unlike the Model M which sit upon a plastic membrane. This translates to a higher rating of keypresses. The metrics thrown around for old Model Fs are 100 million to the Model Ms 35 million. It’s unlikely you’d see the switches fail.

The main difference is in the feel. There’s a bit more tactitily and feedback to a keypress.

The other benefit is the capacative switches aren’t held togethew with plastic rivets like the Model Ms. So they won’t require a bolt/screw mod. and won’t slowly disintegrate under your fingers.

This is a limited opportunity*

Never before has there been a project that has completely from the ground, up re-made a historical keyboard and made it to production. There will be this initial production run and a final kickstarter tbc.

They’re solid and future-proof:

Made of die cast zinc and clocking in at 3.4 kg (for F62 and 3.8 kg for the F77) it’s safe to say this is one mother of a keyboard. You’d be hard pressed to find another keyboard that weighs as much and has this kind of sturdy construction.


If you were to pick up an old unit today, it would likely require some maintenance and a signal converter to get it working. These come with a USB cable and are fully programmable from the get go.

They’re so damn sexy

A very subjective point but both the F66 and F77 look stunning. No frills, RGB or otherwise, just industrial beauty.

The Model F reconnaissance is coming.

It’s taken over 4 years for this project to get where it is today, but it’s completely blown away that it’s actually happened.

I can’t decide whether to get a F62 or F77…

Place an order today

For more info on the original model here is an excellent review by Chyrosran22

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The Wooting One Kickstarter is Live

As it was made live, I made a note to ensure I included it in this week’s news. As I was coming back to write up this week’s news, I was surprised to learn it has already met it’s €30,000 goal in around 7 hours.
The doubt I had about whether this would be a wanted feature is now gone. There is clearly enough people to who want it, enough to fund a kickstarter at least.

At the time of writing the backer goals are close to gone. I would imagine there is a possibility for more to be added as the goal was met so quickly.

Wooting One Kickstarter overview

POK3R RGB Reviews

The POK3R is on the horizon, so here are a couple of reviews to tide you over.

  • On The Brink
  • Leandren
  • Rhino Feed

Glorious PC Gaming Race

In general I wouldn’t find this sort of branding too interesting. However, there are two things that have caught my attention.

The first is they are selling Gateron switches in packs of 120, which is always nice. The reason behind this is that they are releasing a full-size modular keyboard.

New Planck Milled Bottom

I’m a fan of ortholinear keyboards and I’m a fan of branding. So for this reason I really like this new iteration.

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