Week in Keyboards 32

KatzenKinder Sale On

KatzenKinder Blue Purple This is a limited event so it’s good to mention it while it’s happening.

The Amazing Chocolatier Set

This set caught my eye. It’s not visually contrasting but it just seems very nicely put together. I was also equally impressed by the site. I just left thinking it was a very nicely put together set.

Uniqey Test Site Appears (then disappears)

So this is sort of what was wanted, and not too far from what it was expected to cost. Whilst not cheap, this is the custom GMK keyboard that people want. The base price for a keyboard seemed around 250 eur. You can get GMK caps, clips and customise the case, but whether it is actually worth it I’m not too sure. I’m disappointed in myself for not taking any screenshots and there is nothing on the wayback machine. But from what was there it seemed like a good online configurator for a keyboard.


Up until now the wooting keyboard has been a fairly standard TKL. It seemed like a well built keyboard but there was always the teasing of a ‘special’ feature that would make it stand out.

That feature is analog switches. And that means the switches are not just on or off but have measures of how on they are. There are some applications for this (any example of movement in games) but whether you will find this a useful feature of a keyboard, I’m really not sure.

MaxKeyboard Custom Backlit Keycaps

This is an interesting service and something I haven’t seen before. You are able to upload your artwork and get a custom backlit cap. As this is from maxkeyboards, this is certainly legitimate.

The price of $7 is also quite reasonable for a custom product.

Azolt Half Mechanical

On the surface this appears to be a standard keyboard with the ‘gamer’ look. But the selling point of this keyboard (maybe?) is the fact that it is half-mechanical. This both effects the price and the feeling. I felt it was worth a look because the diagram sort of looks like the Topre switch arrangement, but without the spring. The spring however, is quite important in Topre switches so I really don’t know if there is anything good here. It could feel nice but I have no experience. But in the end I think the gamer aesthetic removes anything good this keyboard had going for it.

Another hybrid mechanical is the cougar 450K.

azolt.com is just a clicking game so there was not a lot of information there.

Infinity 60% On Massdrop

This is a tried and tested 60%. I believe there were some issues with pcb’s in the early runs but this is the latest revision. Notable features are led support, MX and Alps support and support for the KLL keyboard firmware.

Typed on HHKB Pro 2