Week in Keyboards #30

New Model F Keyboards Available

The eagerly awaited project is nearly complete. You are currently able to order an F62 or F77 in this early round. This early round is running until 2/29/2016 and aiming to ship April/May time. This is not your only chance as a later round will run from 3/1/2016 through 6/30/2016 and shipping August/September.

There is no price difference between ordering in the early or later round. But these will likely be the only opportunities to order one.

They are available to purchase through https://www.modelfkeyboards.com/shop/

Buckling Spring Reimagining

I couldn’t quite think what to call this but the premise is buckling springs in a single unit. A switch much like the cherry design but containing all the parts that make buckling springs the switch they are.

This did seem to come out of nowhere and it is an excellent project that could bring some very interesting possibilities.

As a new switch this is an excellent idea but I have no idea how it could feel and if it replicates the buckling spring feel.

The project seems to be fairly close to coming to fruition and with patent pending we could see this somewhere soon.

PuLSE and Flatline.

The popular keyset is back in two forms or almost back.

PuLSE run by Mito is back on massdrop. Previously being never run again, now running again!

If you are interested in some drama and other matters relating to ownership of colourways this thread is what you are looking for.

Flatline keyset keycap render What is more interesting is what happened in fallout from the debacle. Fulse (it went through a couple of names) now Flatline was created. A colourway reminiscent of the Pulse arrangement. Although, this is good because there was demand for a set like this. But the real reason this is important is the information it may have brought to light. And this is the new pricing structure for community GB’s from Signature Plastics.

25 sets $237.61 per set
50 sets $171.32 per set
75 sets $149.23 per set
100 sets $138.18 per set
150 sets $127.13 per set
200 sets $121.61 per set
250 sets $118.29 per set

If you look at the currently run PuLSE keyset on massdrop, you will see the difference in pricing.

This post in relation to who owns a colourway from a SP representative.

Signature Plastics Response to pricing.


VE.A Split keyboard With very little information this is a split Korean custom keyboard created by zefyr.

Aluminium Armor
Poly-carbonate Frame
STS switch mounting plate
Alps / Cherry MX compatible
Keymap Programmable firmware and control program by winkeyless.kr

Price around 400~450 USD

Undeniably good looking keyboard.

Division Zero by daskeyboard

This is the introduction of a new brand of gaming peripherals as well as some new switches.

Two new switches:

  • Alpha-Zulu Tactile
  • Alpha-Zulu Linear

Both of these are 45g actuation.

The X40 Keyboard X40 daskeyboard keyboard Looks very much like a gaming keyboard. Unlike the regular daskeyboard this design involves more fins around the edges as well as a set of macro keys on the right-hand side.

Typed on HHKB Pro 2