Cherry GMK Keycap GB

Cherry GMK Keycap GB This is a groupbuy for the recently available cherry GMK keys, In the above colours. This was around last week but as it is a rolling groupbuy it is still worth a mention.

It will be run until 150 sets have been ordered. At the time of writing this 102 have been ordered. Also, note that this set was previously for 6 keys however due to the popularity an additional keycap was added.


  • $16/set (and paypal fees)


  • $10 (could be more if you are ordering a large amount.)

This could be the new GMK spacebar, certainly something nice to collect.

Pulse is Successful

Pulse base set This is not really a surprise to anyone but it has happened. With this news the lowest price has been reached.

Massdrop Mentions

  • Sparkle Loft Keycaps

    Run in a small GB on GH these are once again available on Massdrop. Pictured above is the reactor keycap but others are available. But I would say this is the more unique and interesting keycap on offer.
    Prices vary but you are looking at $55+shipping for a reactor.

  • Sparkle Loft on Massdrop

  • Grifiti ErgoDox Wrist Rest

    I was always looking for these when I had an ErgoDox so I thought they were worth a mention.

  • Grifiti ErgoDox Wrist Rest on Massdrop

New Model F’s

Not new this week but still worth a mention. The new Model F’s are still here and in the early bird round. This should be a project remembered for a long time and it is incredibly to see it come to fruition.

VE.A Information

A lot of new information in the GH thread, best of all a nice new video. The information is really on the parts so I don’t really want to regurgitate it, so if this interests you head to the thread.

Artisan Keycap Directory

This was something I have been thinking of doing and I have something but this is really all I wanted to do, done by someone else.
That person is Bambino, and it is really good list showcasing the creations of makers in the community.

I might still create my own but I’m not sure of its worth.

If you have any suggestions or know of anyone not on the list please post in the thread.

On that note I am aiming for an artisan roundup by the end of this week.

Typed on HHKB Pro 2

New Model F Keyboards Available

The eagerly awaited project is nearly complete. You are currently able to order an F62 or F77 in this early round. This early round is running until 2/29/2016 and aiming to ship April/May time. This is not your only chance as a later round will run from 3/1/2016 through 6/30/2016 and shipping August/September.

There is no price difference between ordering in the early or later round. But these will likely be the only opportunities to order one.

They are available to purchase through

Buckling Spring Reimagining

I couldn’t quite think what to call this but the premise is buckling springs in a single unit. A switch much like the cherry design but containing all the parts that make buckling springs the switch they are.

This did seem to come out of nowhere and it is an excellent project that could bring some very interesting possibilities.

As a new switch this is an excellent idea but I have no idea how it could feel and if it replicates the buckling spring feel.

The project seems to be fairly close to coming to fruition and with patent pending we could see this somewhere soon.

PuLSE and Flatline.

The popular keyset is back in two forms or almost back.

PuLSE run by Mito is back on massdrop. Previously being never run again, now running again!

If you are interested in some drama and other matters relating to ownership of colourways this thread is what you are looking for.

Flatline keyset keycap render What is more interesting is what happened in fallout from the debacle. Fulse (it went through a couple of names) now Flatline was created. A colourway reminiscent of the Pulse arrangement. Although, this is good because there was demand for a set like this. But the real reason this is important is the information it may have brought to light. And this is the new pricing structure for community GB’s from Signature Plastics.

25 sets $237.61 per set
50 sets $171.32 per set
75 sets $149.23 per set
100 sets $138.18 per set
150 sets $127.13 per set
200 sets $121.61 per set
250 sets $118.29 per set

If you look at the currently run PuLSE keyset on massdrop, you will see the difference in pricing.

This post in relation to who owns a colourway from a SP representative.

Signature Plastics Response to pricing.


VE.A Split keyboard With very little information this is a split Korean custom keyboard created by zefyr.

Aluminium Armor
Poly-carbonate Frame
STS switch mounting plate
Alps / Cherry MX compatible
Keymap Programmable firmware and control program by

Price around 400~450 USD

Undeniably good looking keyboard.

Division Zero by daskeyboard

This is the introduction of a new brand of gaming peripherals as well as some new switches.

Two new switches:

  • Alpha-Zulu Tactile
  • Alpha-Zulu Linear

Both of these are 45g actuation.

The X40 Keyboard X40 daskeyboard keyboard Looks very much like a gaming keyboard. Unlike the regular daskeyboard this design involves more fins around the edges as well as a set of macro keys on the right-hand side.

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POK3R keyboard sleeve

I saw these a little bit of a while ago but did not remember their name. But I did remember them as they have a very distinctive look about them. The awesome looking business card and packaging also attributes to a aesthetic.

At $35 + shipping these are quite reasonable.
Custom orders are also available.

January GH GB

GEEkhack January GB This is a small GB for the geekhack keycaps. Set’s are $5 + shipping and each set includes an MX and Alps mountable keycap.

RoastPotatoes Posters

RP posters hhkb and Topre

These are my posters and I now have both designs available.

If this interests you, here is an order form.

RoastPotatoes Poster Order Form

New F62 & F77 Order Available End of Jan

Possible new F62 box art Possible Box art

This was something else that struck me as incredibly exciting. These new pictures are further proof that this project is indeed more than hot air. The image above is the potential box art.

The other images are photos of almost fully assembled prototypes. At the bottom is a link to all the photos. Also, pictured is the custom styrofoam case. Industrial Grey F77

Orders are likely to open up sometime around the end of January.

The website is also close to completion however do not order anything yet.


This project has been around for a while and it could be closer to a wider GB. You might have guessed from the name, but the JD45 is similar to the JD40 but has 5 more switches. JDCarpe does know what he’s doing so it is of solid design.

The indication of movement is the twitter photo of an aluminium (probably) milled case.

Hunger Works Studio :~$ynth

This was probably the most exciting new project as I was not at all aware of something like this happening.

This is the :~$ynth :~$ynth

It is the underside of a keycap mould that makes keycap making a bit easier. If you are interested in making your own keycaps, I suggest you read the whole thread.

This video featuring binge is also tells you what you need to know.

Zealio R2 Live

Zealios are the popular Gateron custom switches made by ZealPC.

R2 brings:

  • 78g weight
  • Different Purple for stem colour
  • Milky bottoms that withstand higher temperatures

  • Available on

Max Keybords Custom Backlit Keycaps

Max Falcon-8

This is an 8 key keyboard. Make of it what you will. It could be a media pad, WASD or whatever use you have for it.
You are given a large amount of customisation options on the maxkeyboards website so this is a bit of a unique product.

Granite R4 is on Massdrop

Granite R4 bonus pack

Every time Granite ends it immediately becomes in demand again. This is R4 the most likely final round.
Already it has proved to be very popular with 4310 kits purchased.

ErgoDox Infinity Back on Massdrop

I don’t remember the final number of the last drop but I do remember it being a success. The ErgoDox has always done will on Massdrop and this is the next iteration.


This is a really awesome GB as it’s run by Shadowvved and they look to be excellent keycaps. Shadovved is a good name to be attached to a GB and you are likely to be very safe with this one. I have seen EnjoyPBT’s name continue to crop up over the past weeks but they did not see to be too freely available.

I absolutely love the CMYKRGB kits although they are printed.

Everything is a little more expensive than the previous Gateron GB caps but they do look to be of nice quality.

ISO Interest Check

Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro L/Pro S

L = Fullsize S = Tenkeyless

This is an RGB keyboard. I am sort of seeing a peak in RGB keyboards. If this good quality, I think it could at least fill the need for RGB keyboards.

1upkeyboards Woodland Camo and ErgoDox

POK3R, HHKB and 40% sizes available

The other new availability is the ErgoDox sleeve. This is a nice design and something I haven not seen before.

PMK Slightly Back

It seems PMK is back to normal, and you are able to vote on new keyset designs. It still isn’t the most responsive or fluid design. But as of now it seems to be doing something.

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