Artisanal Keycap Roundup V10


collection of nightcaps I have to say these are pretty spot on. The sculpting all looks really clean and awesome. The castle in particular has a very nice looking texture and the turtle shells have some very nice colours.

I would be interested in getting some of these. And on the 13th of February you have a chance. As, that is when a giveaway is taking place.

I’m pretty jazzed on these. Not only are there some excellent sculpted caps there are also some nice looking blanks.

Bad News

I saw these last month but I thought they were still worth a mention as there is a bit more of an introduction on geekhack.


A new maker has appeared with an aluminium milled keycap. The design is quite something and they also come in some snazzy vacuum packed packaging.

Sparkle Loft

This is the new name for the maker who created the reactor keycap. It’s a bit pricey but it is a unique keycap. You can currently purchase the reactor cap alongside some other backlit keycaps on massdrop.


This was a nice surprise as I was not expecting tp to be involved in any keycap production but here we are. The design is in the image of the Gurren Lagann drill. I’m fairly certain it’s a keycap but there are still no photos of the underside.


Key-wala artisan KeyKollectiv is still going strong. This month saw 3 rounds of key-walas

Suited Up by Bambino

keybuto Bambino has started off very strong with three designs, the keybuto, Duke and Spartan. The duke is the standout with some excellent colour use.


Whizzard had another assorted sale featuring the new Space Race helmet and some quite striking colours for the abductor.


R.A.G. Caps is still going strong and even with some successful spacebar casts. My new favourite would be the celtic.


A lot of new caps have been shown on instagram most of them in a Star Wars theme.

Hunger Works Studio

The Polar Ice Sale happened incredibly quickly but featured some very nice keycaps, as you have guessed it was an icy theme.
Sadly there are none left but you can browse what you missed out on the store.


A sale been and gone but /u/TINYMONKEYT has been seen before with these designs.

I like the snow peaked mountain but it might benefit from a smoother texture which is often hard to get right.

Krytone Year of the Sheep

Although this sale was postponed, the keycaps still look awesome. I would be looking forward to this sale in the future.


Gloyz have been continuing to make their creature keycaps and a couple are still left. The use of multiple colours is very skilful and there are some very intricately designed creatures.

Keypress Graphics

Giza keycap Keypress graphics is known for painting keycaps. And I do think some nice things have been created.

A lot of keycaps are currently available on the Keypress Graphics website.


Some interesting designs here, my favourite would be the hands on the bars.


Not the most complicated of design but I do think the simpler keycaps can be quite striking. I like the character and think this is a good start.


TeaForMyMonster keycap selection Certainly some nice sculpting here but the shark and the hooded skull are a bit close to existing designs.


The Jolly Rodger a new pirate keycap was shown with the date 2/15/2016 attached. Whether that is still happening or not I’m not sure. I can’t seem to find that image.

There was also a TR8-0R sale featuring a stormtrooper coloured reaper.

I would also guess a good sized sale might be coming soon.

Bro’s twitter is a good place to see what is happening.


impendingxdoom wasd cluster I have been loving ImpendingxDoom’s recent swirly colour combinations. These latest arrow clusters are also quite spectacular.


There was an assorted keycap sale from katzenkinder. Everything again looked very nice. I do like katzenkinder.

And if it means anything the KatzenKinder OP has been updated with:

Channel for Big Success Plan!

As always, I am looking forward to the future of KatzenKinder.

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