Week in Mechanical Keyboards #45

The Ducky Pocket

Ducky Pocket Mechanical Numpad/calculator A Ducky Pocket in a pocket (potentially a Ducky employees).

The Ducky Pocket is a mechanical numpad/calculator. Giving you both the great feeling of a mechanical numpad and the extended functionality of a calculator. If that wasn’t enough, it also features RGB backlighting.

This will be debuting at Computex 2016

I like this idea and I think there are many others who think the same.

Most of the information can be found on the Ducky facebook page. But there is nothing much more to say.

Wooting One Coming to Kickstarter 22nd of May

Wooting One newsletter announcement Nothing much to add to this. The Wooting One is quite an interesting keyboard and I imagine it will do well on Kickstarter.


LPWL SHOP SELECTION “What is LPWL?”, I didn’t know myself until quite recently. It is a small shop selling a nice variety of o-rings for a nice price.

Varmilo on geekhack

Varmilo pink mechanical keyboard Varmillo the keyboard company now has a geekhack account. They have always been a bit tricky to deal with directly, so this should make it a bit easier.
It appears they are taking direct orders if you enquire.

62/60 Update

RoastPotatoes' 62/60 mechanical keyboard The 62/60 is the RGB, 60%, hotswappable, programmable keyboard. The one above happens to be the one I will be getting.

Round 0 is well underway and should hopefully have shipped today. For those still wanting in, the official Round 1 is aimed for a late May early June. This is not however a definite date, and delays are quite likely. But this project is still moving much faster than the smart68.


KeyClack Sleeve
Photo by /u/TheBestUkester

KeyClack has some new stock:

The One Punch Man keycap is my favourite of their current offering. The sleeves are also worth looking at.

Update as of right now KeyClack is gone for a couple of days hiatus.

read more here

New Low Profile Kailh Switches

Low Profile kailh switches I believe we may have seen these before, potentially at a previous computex. However, there was not much since their original sighting.

According to Matt3o they are finally being released. They are on the heavy side and the main issue is the lack of keycaps that support them. While it seems like regular MX caps would fit on individually, they will not fit alongside each other. Which is of course a problem if you want to make a board with them. Matt3o pointed out, these switches are closer to the Cherry ML switch than the MX. So they aren’t quite another MX clone.

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