Week in Keyboards #44

KWK Sale is Still Coming

I give an on and off mention of this, as it could be coming at any time. If you aren’t clued in this, it is an impending artisan keycap sale by punksdead.

Jukebox SA Back on Massdrop

JukeBox Keycap Keyset The popular keyset designed by Andy of Keychatter is back. This is a great looking keyset but the drawback this time is the production time. Signature Plastics is continually developing their backlog as popularity rises. The aimed ship date of these is November the 7th. You may also have noticed that the 1976 keyset production has also run into delays.

Ortholinear Leftovers

The Atomic Ortholinear Keyboard from the Side Leftover parts from the OLKB massdrop are now for sale on the OLKB store. The store has switched over from magento to squarespace, and I must say it is looking really nice.

I am highly fond of Ortholinear Keyboards and I recommend them wholeheartedly.

Most of my thoughts on Ortholinear Keyboards can be found here.

The Pio One

The Pio One Prototype The Pio One is a keyboard very similar to the Optimus Keyboard. If you don’t know what one of those is, the idea is a screen behind every switch. Giving you complete control over what is under each transparent keycap.

This is obviously quite expensive and means they are not mechanical switches, or at least mechanical switches as we would commonly refer to.

This will be a kickstarter idea, and I’m sure it will be very expensive. The real issue will be getting a price people feel this feature is worth.

Lucid Cases

Firt Lucid Case Content First Box Contents
Lucid Cases it the Loot Crate esque keyboard subscription box. I don’t really like the model, but if people like what they get then I can’t complain.

They are currently running a promotion to win a K-Type the new Tenkeyless from Input Club. I believe all you have to do is get in on the May box.

New Buckling Spring Switch Kickstarter Still Going

New Buckling Spring Switch Prototype with Blue Keycap I’ve got to keep mentioning it as it will really be an uphill battle to get this funded.

The product on offer is a single unit buckling spring switch. This differs from the actual buckling spring which is not available in individual switch modules. Having the possibility of creating new buckling spring keyboards in the future is what makes this an exciting kickstarter.

Wooting On Flaretech Switches

I have been giving Wooting a lot of attention lately, but that is because they are putting out so much good content.

This latest blog post details the factory experience of the Wooting One. It comes with some interesting videos detailing keyboard construction. Watching keycaps being lasered is always fun to watch.

Find all the videos on the Wooting Blog.

KBS Offering ‘Gaming Keyboards’

Keyboard Specialists the UK based keyboard suppliers is now offering a couple of ‘Gaming Keyboards’.

No one really interesting but they could be a supplier to watch.

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