Week in Keyboards #36

EmojiWorks on amazon.com

Emojiworks Keyboard If you needed another place to buy this keyboard you now have that opportunity.
The EmojiWorks keyboard is what it sounds like, a keyboard that makes typing emoji that little bit easier. It comes in two versions, base and pro. From what I understand the pro gives you more emoji and there are more printed on the keycaps.

LeandreN R4 Open

LeandreN runs great GB’s so it is always worth a mention if you are looking for parts.

  • Universal60 plates (JDCarpe Designed)
  • GON Nerd60 LeandreN edition (LeandreN Logo Silk Screened)
  • Stabilisers
  • HHKB and winkeyless plates (JDCarpe Designed)

Order Here

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Masterkeys Pro L & S Released

This is a new Cooler Master RGB keyboard. From the Keychatter review it does seem to be a solid RGB keyboard with GUI configurations of the RGB function.

1upkeyboards Get’s Everything

That is a little bit of an exaggeration, but 1upkeyboards is now stocking Gaterons. It’s always good to have another place to buy switches. The other part of the everything, is the restocking of fleece. So this means a more sleeves.

Jelly Key

Jelly Key Jelly Key is a big thing this week and has been featuring prominently all over /r/mk and leaking into gh. I’m not a huge fan of the galaxy aesthetic but they look really nicely made and I love the hand branding. They are also undeniably eye-catching.

Currently all sold out on the store, but I imagine we will see a lot more of these.

JTK Sophmore

CtrlAlt has a lot more of JTK goodness to offer my favourite being the valentine set.

JTK valentine

There is a lot of nice set’s on offer so have a look if you are interested in a new keyset.

Typed on HHKB Pro 2

I also made a facebook page if anyone would like it.