Week in Keyboards #37

Wooting Keyboard Update

Wooting Keyboard Prototype V0.3 Wooting have continued to listen to the community about their upcoming keyboard. This will be the last prototype so if you are itching to give them feedback this could be the last chance to make a difference.

A couple of changes have been made since the last iteration, so have a look at the blog post to see what’s changed.

A couple of sales worth knowing about:

Mechanical Keyboard US Market Research 2016

This is almost interesting but it is not easily accessible. It is a huge report on the US mechanical keyboard industry, however the single user license is $3800 so I can’t tell you anything insightful.

If you are very serious about your knowledge of the US keyboard market, you can find the report here

Logitech Orion G610

Logitech Orion G610 with Brown Switches Logitech has brought out two new keyboards. I say two but it is actually one with two choices of switches.

It is:

  • Full-Size
  • Backlit
  • Media Controls
  • Featuring Some Programmability
  • Feet (if that appeals to you)
  • Not the most offensively designed
  • Available in Red and Brown cherry switches
  • GBP 104.99

Action Against Ivan

Enough has been had, and there is now some organised action against Ivan for leaving with all the GB money.

The situation is, Ivan collected the money for keysets and has not delivered. Even worse however, is Miami Nights a GMK GB hasn’t even entered production by GMK. Even though Ivan received the money, the order with GMK was not placed. This is of course everything you don’t want from a GB.

So to sum it up it is about time that there was a little more accountability for GB’s. There are many situations that could come up if you are running a groupbuy. But once you take peoples money you need to make sure everyone knows what is happening.

If you are a part of the undelivered Ivan GB’s, it is worth getting involved.


Keycap Kit I think this has been a long time coming, as there is always someone asking how they can make keycaps and where they can get materials. This just means you can buy a startup kit much easier than before.

There are 3 levels of kits:

  • Complete $93
    • 1 ComposiMold Original 20oz
    • 1 Clear Casting Plastic 16oz
    • 1 Mold Release
    • 1 Bubble Buster 4oz
    • 1 plastic syringe
    • 1 Packet of Delight Air Dry Modeling Compound
    • 3 sculpting tools (Note: Actual tools may vary from those shown).
  • Advanced $83
  • 1 ComposiMold Original 20oz
  • 1 Clear Casting Plastic 16oz
  • 1 Mold Release
  • 1 Bubble Buster 4oz
  • 1 plastic syringe
  • Basic $62
  • 1 ComposiMold Original 20oz
  • 1 Clear Casting Plastic 16oz
  • 1 plastic syringe

All of these seem like useful kits. Even if you can only afford the basic, you should be able to create something.

TechMattr Cable Restock These are the type of fancy USB cables you buy to complete your perfect keyboard.


Only a small update, but for those who bought Rama’s aluminium cnc’d keycaps. They have been produced and are on the way to Rama.

IBM SSK RAMA Poster The Rama.works store also has some really nice posters available.

RoastPotatoes has also made progress on his own Cherry MX Poster.

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