Artisinal Keycap Roundup V4


Only a small update but as a fan I like KatzenKinder information. From the ama on the /r/katzenkinder subreddit, there might possible be a sale around the beginning of August.

GirlDC Surfaces

After the banning debacle on geekhack it seems like GirlDC is expanding their opportunities and is somewhat active on /r/MK I don’t like the homer vader design but the keycaps are incredibly clean. The stormtroopers are much more to my liking however they are pricey. The stormtroopers cost $39 on techkeys. t


At the end of last month KappaKapps teased their ‘Stark’ keycaps (not official name) that are a new design for a new line of keycaps.
Then they moved on to their summer sale. This featured some very nice discounts on their keycaps. Undead Clackin’ caps were 50% off at the beginning. For those who want some caps now, the July sale is currently running, as is the summer sale 2. The summer sale 2 is the ‘Ocean Beach Pack’ which includes the ‘Ocean White’ and ‘Seafoam White’. The July sale as you might expect is 3 Undead Clackin’s in red white and blue.


sakura Another new maker with some promising designs. Currently they have 3 designs the Critical 20, Samboo and Sakura. My favourite is the Sakura and I can’t quite say why. These are some nice designs and they seem well made. But I would agree that there is a definite over-spruing in making these caps.


This is a new capmaker with a prototype design. I like the direction they are going and will be watching them for the future. The cap looks especially good when backlit. backlit


Another upcoming maker. They have a concept that looks awesome and could make a great keycap. Expect some prototypes in the coming weeks. ;) the kinght


Finally meowcaps are back and shipping. They also look incredible. These really do look good. t

On their website you can find a link to their mailing list, so I suggest if you are interested in future keycaps look there.


With the previous sale being a success and caps showing up everywhere new designs have been shown. Two named designs; Otto and Ninja. They look very inline with the rest of their character designs. ninja

HfCx Handmade Backlit Keycaps

I was drawn to these as they are another type of artisan keycaps that are made in an entirely different way. The making process seems really interesting but I do not have backlit keyboards to take advantage of these kind of caps.

XX7 Artisan Groupbuy

The XX7 GB is underway and is very close to the MOQ. XX7 along with KappaKapps, they are producing the best 3d caps available.


vader A simple show of ability but interesting to see what they are able to produce. All the caps pictured seem to be of great quality even if it is not an original sculpt or original design.


Finally the cosmic sale is here. I believe it started on the 1st but it is only around for 22 ish hours so get there quick. As we knew before this is the last sale for the Reaper V1. But what we didn’t know is it would be the last sale of the Brobot V2 as well. I found this more interesting as it is a much more prolific design. If you don’t get a Brobot V2 then they will become much harder to get after this sale. This sale does however contain many colour options.

Celestial PinkAstralInterstellar PinkInterstellar PurpleInterstellar BlueInterstellar GreenNebulusStar ClusterAndromeda SkysCosmic DuskCelestial Blue
Brobot V2xxxxxxxxxxx
Reaper V1xxxxxx


New sale is live and features some very appealing colour choices. Both MX and Topre caps are available. However, it does not feature any of the new designs that were shown during the month.

A photo posted by Hotkeysproject (@hotkeysproject) on


Binge’s latest sale is interesting as he is limiting the keycaps to a specific colour palette. This is something I have not seen done before and I thought to be interesting. The colours chosen are also quite interesting and I would like to see how they turn out. oclour

Clack Watch

Many clack sales in the past month. I find it interesting that all of a sudden clacks appear on ebay and are going for large amounts. It just seems to be accepted that now they will be sold for these prices so more are coming forward and putting them up for sale. Some of these are being sold for charity.

Clack Price
Mint Skull Topre $210
Candy Corn Skull Topre $225.50
Blood Splat MX $487.67
Drunken Skull Topre $490
Mr Friday Skull Topre €550
Salute Skull MX $910
Red Skull Topre $197.50
Blue Skull Topre $192.50
Pink Skull Topre $154.50

Typed on Cherry MX 6.0