Week in Keyboards #34

Cooler Master Topre to MX Sliders

This really was quite surprising, as I had never thought Cooler Master were going to do something like this. A full set of Topre to MX sliders, the same as from the novatouch, were available to purchase. I think they were only available to purchase for a short time as this was testing the waters for possibly putting up more.

Hopefully this does mean they will be available soon.

Photoshop Keyset

From feng of geekkeys.com this is a gateron PBT set with photoshop legends. If this interests you, voice that interest in this thread

Last Day for Zealios R2

If you are still wanting some zealios you can still order them as of today.

KeyKollectiv X Booper

The collaboration between these two makers has culminated in the Kosmonavt. It is a combination of the GiD style of furt and booper’s cosmonaut.

It is a raffle style sale and will be open till 8PM PST March the 2nd.

Clack is Once Again Back

This was a surprising event that happened out of the blue last night. For the first day only people who posted in radnelac thread get a chance of a keycap, but future days will likely be more open.

More information to follow tomorrow.

UKKeycaps & Devlin

Previously mentioned in Week in Keyboards #12 there is some movement on this project.

To catch you up-to-speed, Devlin is a UK manufacturer of keycaps. They have their own profiles and have been around for a while.

The original plan was for dolch sets and the teaser image still indicates this.

I am certainly interested to see where this goes, and maybe they become a viable UK keycap company.

RoastPotatoes Posters

I still have HHKB Posters. They are A3 and really quite nice. MX switch posters are up next.

Typed on HHKB Pro 2