Week in Keyboards #25

UHK Meets Goal

UHK Press Image The Ultimate Hacking Keyboard has been successfully funded on crowdsupply with around a week left. This is a very nice keyboard and I am quite happy to see it succeed. It is a bit different from a lot of other offerings at the moment and is executed really quite well.

At the time of writing there are 8 early bird UHK’s left. This gives you a discount of $50 so if you are looking to pick one up, do so fast.

Leandren HHKB Plates

HHKB JD designed plate This has been around a little more than a week but it has been slowly picking up steam. The idea behind this GB is simple, simple HHKB layout plates in both MX and Alps variations.

This plate is also designed by jdcarpe so you can expect a nice level of thought in the design. Although it is not running yet it will be running after Leandren’s last GB, these are very swift so it’s not too far off.

Deskthority Community Calendar

A nice little idea if you like keyboards. There is a wealth of beautiful photographs that come from DT members so I can foresee this as being a very nice looking calendar.

Currently it is in the thinking about creating a calendar stage. But if you are interested I suggest you put in a vote.

Ducky Realforce Edition

Ducky Realforce edition with red wasd This fairly interesting but not really for what it is. What it really is, is a full size Topre board in 30 and 45 gram variants. With Topre silencing. The facebook post suggests silencing but neither the mk.com or inpad listings mention the silencing.

The reasons I think this is interesting is the fact there is some collaboration with Ducky, although I’m really not sure of the nature of this relationship. But also the fact that it is showing up at a few more retailers. Notably mechanicalkeyboards.com. This combined with the fact they have been showing up on massdrop a bit more and the matt3o keyset. Topre does seem to be doing a little bit more in the area of their keyboards.

If you are looking to purchase this I think, mk.com is quite a good option.

Zeal who is on top of Topre things also posted that there will be a black on white version in the future.

The WhiteFox 65%

The WhiteFox Keyboard I forgot to mention this last week but this is with all current indication a very nice looking keyboard. Designed over a long duration by matt3o this is a well thought out highly refined design.

Read the thread for the whole story. But shortly summarised it is a complete package of a 65% with a custom keyset with custom dyesubs as well as some very nice packaging.

Sentraq/SentrantPC Keyboard Updates

In summary both keyboards are very close to completion. The keyboards in question are the affordable 60% and the 60% with a numpad.

Dactyl Source Released

The Dactyl keyboard is a “parameterized, split-hand, concave, columnar, ergonomic keyboard.” you are now able to make yourself. Created by Adereth this has been in development for quite some time.

If you are looking to build one now, you will be a bit on your own as this is a new release. Don’t let this stop you if this seems like your dream keyboard.

RoastPotatoes Posters

Topre Poster

A good couple of Topre posters are still available and I will try to get some HHKB posters for this week.

I am fairly on top of these orders, currently one still needs to be shipped and a few still need to be invoiced.

I completely forgot Friday existed last week. This week I would like to do a giveaway of the QMX clips after I post my review.

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