Week in Keyboards #24

Not a huge amount of much this week.

Backlit POK3R on Massdrop

For those who want a backlit 60% this is a good option. The standard POK3R has been around for a while and has been quite well received. In general this is thought of as quite a nice stock 60%.

Possible New Vortex Board

There isn’t a lot too this as you never know if this will make it into production. This is a 40% ish prototype from Vortex.

Hmm...A brand new series coming soon!!!

Posted by Vortex Keyboard on Wednesday, 25 November 2015

New F62 and F77 Prototypes Slightly Delayed

This is not a major setback or anything. But at this stage everyone is patiently waiting for the full prototype so delays like this can be the most frustrating. Prototypes could be still a week or so away.

RoastPotatoes Fancy New Domain

It’s happening. blog.roastpotatoes.co All previous links should still work. Potentially this opens up the possibility of store.roastpotatoes.co

I also managed to miss my deadline of Friday newsletter. It will happen this week.

Other RoastPotatoes

RP poster disappointment My posters were going excellent up until today when I really looked at them. They are OK, but maybe not where I had quite hoped the quality would be. Reprint is coming on Thursday so they are slightly delayed. I will see what happens from there.

Designs for 4704 keyboards have moved along quite a bit and I am quite interested to see what I will settle with. I have designs wish legends and without and the relegendeble keycaps.

Please follow the RoastPotatoes Poster Thread if this interests or concerns you.

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