Week in Keyboards #22

Vim Caps

Fairly self explanatory, these keycaps are vim themed with the vim logo as capslock replacement and a set of vim cursor keys (HJKL). These have been in IC for a fairly long time and have been privately funded. Similar caps have been available in the past but have not been too easy to get a hold of.

They are now available from vimcaps.com. They are available in SA and DSA profile. You can buy the cursor keys and the vim capslock replacement. They are available in packs so you get both the capslock and cursor keys separately or you can buy them together in a pack for a little less.

Hot Keys Project Keycaps Restocked on mk.com

HKP white raven This is yet another way HKP keycaps are more accessible. There is a nice selection but only MX.

Ultimate Hacking Keyboard Add-on Modules

Ultimate Hacking keyboard addon modules This is an interesting addition to the campaign. With 27 days left the project is 76% funded. This is the 60% keyboard that has the ability to split.

The add-ons come in the form of additional switches.

You can get:

  • An additional cluster which gives you 3 additional switches accessible from the thumb.
  • Trackball
  • Trackpoint
  • Touchpad

They have also included the palm rest’s.

Ortholinear Keyboards is Expanding

Whilst this is not major news I think it is nice to acknowledge the success of ortholinear keyboards. It is nice to see the whole operation going so well. Ortholinear keyboards now has a whole other room to it’s name.

It is also worth mentioning the new board makers episode.


TGR Jane red This is a very popular TKL GB that sold out very quickly. I believe in around 10 minutes all 25 spaces were taken. It is a very impressive keyboard all round and quite deserving of the price ($420 ish). It is a highly polished aluminium TKL with one of my favourite fancy features, the brass weight insert.

The HacKeyboard

Created by masaleiro in DT. This is a very nice custom build all round. On the surface it is just an alps TKL but it does have some additional features that make it stand out.

  • Internal Keylogger
  • Up-to 10 Macros
  • Internal USB 2.0 Hub
  • Internal 8GB Flash Drive
  • Customisable LED

This is a very nice feature set for a TKL but it is even more impressive as this is all original work.

Typed on The Planck