Week in Keyboards #21

100 Colour Keycap Set

100 colour pbt dyesub keyset I thought this set was worth mentioning as I felt it did catch my eye differently when I saw it compared to many others sets I see.
These are going to be available by thee end of the month on geekkeys.com. This news after all does come from feng the owner of geekkeys.

They are dyesub PBT and come with an equally interesting keycap stand.

Hot Keys Project November Sale

Aqua green x-ray eyes HKP

As it’s happening and is a limited engagement. I thought I should mention it.

Aluminium HHKB Disappointment

With the announcement of a aluminium HHKB case people were not too excited. This was for good reason. It was very boxy not particularly appealing and possibly not what the HHKB owners were looking for. geekhack community member CPTBadAss is currently in possesion of the case for testing.

Read what CPTBadAss first impressions of it.

To sum it up this quote from CPTBadAss works well:

So as some of the community is aware, Massdrop came out with a metal HHKB case. I asked to review it because I was just curious and I was willing to put aside my Topre bias to try it out. I had planned to write a review but unfortunately, the case isn’t ready for market. The design isn’t complete right now and I believe that at best, it’s a proof of concept and MD ran an IC. Because the case isn’t at final, market ready condition, I won’t be writing a full review.

livingspeedbump of keychatter is next in line to get the case so more opinion should be available soon.

If however you remain undiscouraged, it is the HHKB aluminium case is now available on taobao


SKIDATA  base look This GB is taking place on zealpc.net. More information in the geekhack thread.

Leandren Round 3 60% GB

Leandren runs great groupbuys that seem to be exactly what people are looking for. Orders are not currently live but expect it fairly soon.

Round 3 includes:

  • Winkeyless b.face 60% PCB
  • JDcarpe’s 60% Plate in many colours
  • Stabs
  • Possibly Gateron Blues

  • geekhack Info Thread

Fallout Themed Novelties

With the release of Fallout 4 this is particularly relevant. It has been a long time in planning and ran into legal issues with use of some copyrighted images but the final designs have been finalized. The two designs are available in SA ROW 1, SA ROW 3 and DSA.

Topre Poster

Roastpotatoes topre poster

As, I will probably have some of these soon. I would just like to get them out there a bit more. I am getting some A3 prints. Price yet to be determined.

Compact SQ

This is a new custom keyboard kit based on the cherry 1800 layout. It is an affordable custom with a nice amount of options.

I think this layout always looks fantastic, but it is not what I prefer for use.

You would be looking at a 140 USD price for the basic model but the alu skin set will be more expensive around 245.

New Kishsaver F62 and F77

I thought it was worth another mention as it is getting closer to fruition. I am writing a bit about it in another post including small Ellipse interview. But if you were not in the know. It is a recreation of the very popular and rare kishsaver F62 and F77 Model F buckling spring keyboard. With prototypes hopefully getting here in the next few weeks this could be possible quite soon.

This is a very rare GB and is the first of its kind at this scale.

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