Devlin Keycaps

UKKeycaps posted some interesting photos of some DSA like keycaps on reddit. These keycaps are made by another UK company Devlin. I had not heard of this manufacturer before but some searching indicated that they had been known to the community in the past. The now closed store “QWERkeys” had some involvement with buying from Devlin. There is a deskthority wiki page on Devlin and the Q series keycaps.

The first keyset groupbuy is likely to be dolch in the Devlin Q series. MOQ for this will be around 60 units, the price is similar at around £65. Please be aware that this could all change. Although this will be the first keyset GB, the first GB may more likely be a tester pack so people are able to see what these caps are like. Expect 3-4 keycaps with a multitude of Devlin’s profiles as well as a demonstration of their legend creating ability.

UKKeycaps New Stock

UKKeycaps should now be the cheapest source for cherry Blue,Red,Brown and Black switches in the UK. Since people live in the UK I see this as a good thing.
UKKeycaps is also running their second GB for Tai Hao PBT. This is also the first time ISO has been done. Each set will come with ansi relevant keys as well, which makes this set compatible with both.


The LeandreN side of things are continuing to expand as a new shop has opened Currently everything is “coming soon”. I thought it was still worth a mention as LeandreN quickly became the proprietor of 60% plates and I expect you will see some extras popup soon.

New PBT Dyesubs by Varmillo

I saw this on GH shared by HendyZone.
There is not a lot to tell from these photos, but they look quite fine. As this announcement was made by HendyZone and they said so themselves, these are likely to appear on sometime in the near future.

Tex New Aluminium Case

This is a lipless case that should fit all regular 60%’s. They can be ordered via email at Tex is regarded to be of good quality but I have not had any first hand experience. They cost around $100 according to KHHAAANNN.

60% Royal Kludge Now on Massdrop

The 60% Royal Kludge that appeared a couple of weeks ago, is now available from massdrop. The main interest here is the bluetooth capability and the price. Currently $64.99 the lower price bracket is $59.99. It is said to ship NOV 6th.

  • [Massdrop Link(

Ducky Shine 5 UK Late October

From Ducky UK facebook page with an interesting new promo video. I can’t remember whether this is news or not as the dates have been quite finicky.


Has continued their line of lobos keycaps. This refresh comes with two new colours for the lobos keycap. I think this looks much nicer than the previous iterations. I can also say K3KC has a new favicon.

Board Makers Podcast

This the podcast from Jack Humbert of OLKB.CO. Always an interesting podcast for those interested in keyboards.

Vortex Now Using Plastic Keycap Trays

Not major news but nice for shipping. Your Vortex keycaps will most likely be shipped in plastic trays in the near future.

Cherry RGB Switches Available on Tao Bao

Although still not too useful as there is a lack of RGB customs it is good that the Corsair exclusivity deal has run out. I imagine a Massdrop is on the way for the near future.

Typed on the Atomic

This is a look at LeandreN’s JDcarpe designed, anodized aluminium plates from the recently concluded groupbuy. Just to let you know what your in for.

LeandreN hit the spot with a fun unboxing there are a couple of layers before you get to the plate.

Unboxing Fascination

The goal here is to get the plates through international shipping retaining their correct shape.

Removing the first layer you are greeted by LeandreN

You take that off then your at another layer.

After this layer, you will find your plate in a bag.

The important part is whether it got to me in good shape. Almost is the answer. It got slightly bent towards one side. But this is what happens with international shipping. I think the packaging is sufficient to get it to wherever you live in good shape. I can’t imagine this being mishandled enough to make it unusable.

You can see a slight curve from the side. But this is just by eyeing it flat with the camera.

The Plate

I had a little trouble getting these photos to focus. But the plate has a nice texture to it.

This photo shows the texture a little better, but there is a bit of jpeg in there. It is a textured plate but not rough. Quite a nice texture.

This is a Gateron black switch with a different top housing. It was a very snug fit. The plate is not being billed as a hand wiring suitable plate. But I think you could certainly have a go.

Whilst I don’t have a PCB to assemble this yet. Here is the plate in a POK3R case. This is not how it will really look when in use. It would be a bit higher and centred. But it indicates that it fits and aligns with the screw holes.

There do not seem to be any rough or sharp edges. The colour is quite nice and vibrant which is enhanced whenever it catches the light. From what I can tell this is a nice quality plate. I do not have any complaints.

The Future

This is a solid plate from what seems to be quite a successful groupbuy by LeandreN. If you are planning to use one of these plates in an upcoming 60% build, I think you should be quite pleased with what you receive.

Orders are over and extras are currently unavailable. If you are still looking for one, watching this thread is your best bet.

Typed on The Corsair Strafe

New POK3R Firmware

This firmware update brings volume keys and changes to the arrow keys. I think the more notable addition is the support for LED’s soldered on outside of the factory. This could possible be a cheaper option of getting a POK3R with backlighting.

Planck MassDrop Ended

The Drop ended at 755 planck’s ordered, this was quite a success. I am interested to see how so many people will be adapting to their plancks in the future, as I had always thought of the 40% layout a bit too far for many users.

This is also a good time to mention another episodes of Board Makers. Lots of discussion about the new midi output this week. Again this is a very nice podcast to listen to if you like keyboards.

New Items on has come out with their own keyboard the MK84 which comes Gateron or Greetech switch options, blue or white backlight options and white or black case. I’m not a fan of the 84 key layout. But this is a nice keyboard to see available, as I’m sure it suits many peoples needs.

Something I haven’t seen them offer before is the FaceW PCB which is a nice 60% PCB if you are looking to put together your own.

Another small item is a switch opening tool. Nothing hugely interesting but it may save you a lot of trouble if you are into switch modding.


Everything has shipped. For those invested in this I’m sure most of you know. All Phase 2 Blahlicus keyboards have shipped. I am most interested in seeing the Diverge II’s in the wild.

New Type Heaven Colours

I am quite happy about Topre doing things. This and the new keyset by Matt3o they are making some good moves for the keyboard community. The typeheaven is a ‘cheaper’ introduction into Topre. These new colour options make it a little more tempting to see what it is like in comparison to a HHKB.

TYPE HEAVEN Colorful Limited Edition coming soon!

Posted by Topre REALFORCE Keyboards on Thursday, 27 August 2015

I think the colours are interesting but the black keycaps ruin the whole aesthetic. A matched keyset colourway could go a long way in improving the image of the typeheaven.

Zeal’s Macro Shot’s

This is not really news but I wast intrigued by what I saw. Zeal has taken so me macro photos of Gateron and Cherry sliders and they really do speak for themselves. The smoothness you get with Gateron’s is not unfounded and there is a real difference in the sliders.

LG’s New Keyboard

It’s not mechanical but a keyboard nonetheless. The key feature here is that it rolls up. It is certainly interesting and may be useful for those who need something incredibly portable to type on the move.

Ultimate Hacking Keyboard in the Wild

This really got me interested in what this keyboard could be. More split keyboards is a good thing and I look forward to its release.

A photo posted by György Horák (@repadyuri) on

Typed on HHKB Pro 2