Week in Keyboards #11

New POK3R Firmware

This firmware update brings volume keys and changes to the arrow keys. I think the more notable addition is the support for LED’s soldered on outside of the factory. This could possible be a cheaper option of getting a POK3R with backlighting.

Planck MassDrop Ended

The Drop ended at 755 planck’s ordered, this was quite a success. I am interested to see how so many people will be adapting to their plancks in the future, as I had always thought of the 40% layout a bit too far for many users.

This is also a good time to mention another episodes of Board Makers. Lots of discussion about the new midi output this week. Again this is a very nice podcast to listen to if you like keyboards.

New Items on mechanicalkeyboards.com

mechanicalkeyboards.com has come out with their own keyboard the MK84 which comes Gateron or Greetech switch options, blue or white backlight options and white or black case. I’m not a fan of the 84 key layout. But this is a nice keyboard to see available, as I’m sure it suits many peoples needs.

Something I haven’t seen them offer before is the FaceW PCB which is a nice 60% PCB if you are looking to put together your own.

Another small item is a mk.com switch opening tool. Nothing hugely interesting but it may save you a lot of trouble if you are into switch modding.


Everything has shipped. For those invested in this I’m sure most of you know. All Phase 2 Blahlicus keyboards have shipped. I am most interested in seeing the Diverge II’s in the wild.

New Type Heaven Colours

I am quite happy about Topre doing things. This and the new keyset by Matt3o they are making some good moves for the keyboard community. The typeheaven is a ‘cheaper’ introduction into Topre. These new colour options make it a little more tempting to see what it is like in comparison to a HHKB.

TYPE HEAVEN Colorful Limited Edition coming soon!

Posted by Topre REALFORCE Keyboards on Thursday, 27 August 2015

I think the colours are interesting but the black keycaps ruin the whole aesthetic. A matched keyset colourway could go a long way in improving the image of the typeheaven.

Zeal’s Macro Shot’s

This is not really news but I wast intrigued by what I saw. Zeal has taken so me macro photos of Gateron and Cherry sliders and they really do speak for themselves. The smoothness you get with Gateron’s is not unfounded and there is a real difference in the sliders.

LG’s New Keyboard

It’s not mechanical but a keyboard nonetheless. The key feature here is that it rolls up. It is certainly interesting and may be useful for those who need something incredibly portable to type on the move.

Ultimate Hacking Keyboard in the Wild

This really got me interested in what this keyboard could be. More split keyboards is a good thing and I look forward to its release.

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Typed on HHKB Pro 2