A Small Look at LeandreN's 60% Plate

This is a look at LeandreN’s JDcarpe designed, anodized aluminium plates from the recently concluded groupbuy. Just to let you know what your in for.

LeandreN hit the spot with a fun unboxing there are a couple of layers before you get to the plate.

Unboxing Fascination

The goal here is to get the plates through international shipping retaining their correct shape.

Removing the first layer you are greeted by LeandreN

You take that off then your at another layer.

After this layer, you will find your plate in a bag.

The important part is whether it got to me in good shape. Almost is the answer. It got slightly bent towards one side. But this is what happens with international shipping. I think the packaging is sufficient to get it to wherever you live in good shape. I can’t imagine this being mishandled enough to make it unusable.

You can see a slight curve from the side. But this is just by eyeing it flat with the camera.

The Plate

I had a little trouble getting these photos to focus. But the plate has a nice texture to it.

This photo shows the texture a little better, but there is a bit of jpeg in there. It is a textured plate but not rough. Quite a nice texture.

This is a Gateron black switch with a different top housing. It was a very snug fit. The plate is not being billed as a hand wiring suitable plate. But I think you could certainly have a go.

Whilst I don’t have a PCB to assemble this yet. Here is the plate in a POK3R case. This is not how it will really look when in use. It would be a bit higher and centred. But it indicates that it fits and aligns with the screw holes.

There do not seem to be any rough or sharp edges. The colour is quite nice and vibrant which is enhanced whenever it catches the light. From what I can tell this is a nice quality plate. I do not have any complaints.

The Future

This is a solid plate from what seems to be quite a successful groupbuy by LeandreN. If you are planning to use one of these plates in an upcoming 60% build, I think you should be quite pleased with what you receive.

Orders are over and extras are currently unavailable. If you are still looking for one, watching this thread is your best bet.

Typed on The Corsair Strafe