Week in Keyboards #42

62/60 Progressing

62/60 custom rgb hotswappable custom keyboard The 62/60 is the 60%, hotswappable, custom RGB. It all looks pretty good, and the initial test round 0 has completed. Round 1 is likely to follow soon.

WhiteFox Delayed

The WhiteFox has been delayed due to issues in plate production. Plates should be completed and shipped to massdrop by the end of June.
This will obviously be disappointing to some, but it isn’t that uncommon. Massdrop looks a lot more professional than many groupbuys but always runs in to the same kind of issues. It might be taking longer than expected but it the orders will be fulfilled.

Official Cherry Speed Released

These switches were leaked last week and they are everything that they were expected to be. They are currently available on the Corsair K70. It’s RGB fullsize and £169.99. That price is horrendous and I think there are much better options available.

The new speed switches are not that much of a draw.

Jelly Key Giveaway (Ends 04/27/16)

Jelly Key The Abandoned Maze Keycap All you have to do is comment a random number between 1-9999

New Zeal Product (mostly unknown)

A quote from zeal:

Do you like dampening the up stroke and down stroke sound without affecting the feel much?

Did you wish stabilizers were transparent clear like Zealios?…

That’s all I can way for now. Source

So… a dampening method, and some stabilisers? Could be exciting.

Apparently this has been in the works for longer than I realised. More information.

VE.A Coming to Massdrop (thanks badnewscaps)

So I managed to completely miss this before, but the extremely popular korean custom, is coming to massdrop. This is both good and bad. It makes it widely available, which I can’t see any complaints about, but it is massdrop. Massdrop have had issues in the past, but I don’t think they have ever completely failed. If they are packed correctly then this would solve a common concern people have. But I wouldn’t imagine any shipping price decreases or anything like that.

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