Week in Keyboards #17

Realforce 87u On Massdrop

This is a nice package for those wanting to get a nice Realforce as it comes with a PBT spacebar. Like before there is a real limited availability in what boards are available.
Currently you get the option of:

  • 55g Black Case (sold out)
  • Variable Weight Black
  • 55g White
  • Variable Weight White

I also find it interesting that Topre themselves still haven’t made the PBT spacebars despite acknowledging its existence.

Update on the Wooting Keyboard

The Wooting Tenkeyless Keyboard From the new renders I think I am slightly more interested in this keyboard. The new design is much simpler and does inspire hope for this keybords future. As yet this keyboards key feature has not been revealed, but it is certainly worth watching. The key feature or features are going to be revealed soon.

THKB Update

Tiny hacking keyboard ne0phyte is back working on the THKB which is a 40% (39 key) HHKB esque keyboard. Another prototype has been assembled and things are looking good. For those interested you may still be able to get a prototype PCB. But it seems this has been quite popular. But I wouldn’t worry if you really want one. This is great groupbuy material and I imagine it could be quite successful. This is a custom keyboard with Atmega32u4 so it will have no problem running TMK giving you a completely customisable keyboard.

3d Printed Cases by /u/Ziptyze

3d printed 60% keyboard case I thought this was interesting and something I have not seen a lot of. If you are looking for a 60% case that is slightly different, then I think this is a good option. But they are currently available at 1upkeyboards for $50.

Typed on HHKB Pro 2