Week in Keyboards 14

UKKeycaps Grab Bags

Once again UKKeycaps is doing something good for the UK. This is an interest check for Signature Plastics grab bags for the UK. This allows those in the UK to get a chance for a cheaper grab bag, which would have cost a little more if ordered directly ordered from SP. For the UK, the bags will cost £35 with free shipping. This is all for a random assortment of 1000 keycaps.

Ducky One in Blue

Coming from the UK Ducky Facebook page, there will be a blue Ducky One.

Ducky One, Blue model

Posted by Ducky Keyboards UK on Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Imgur Mirror

The case is similar to the translucent gameboy cases.

Topre PBT Spacebar Update

Massdrop Topre PBT Spacebar Mailer Update The Topre PBT spacebars are now likely onhand with massdrop or very close to it. Hopefully we will see these ship soon.

Coolermaster Switch Tester Includes Topre

Coolermaste Topre Novatouch Switch Tester This is interesting because of how hard it has been to test Topre and get a hold of a single unit switch. The new edition of the Coolermaster switch tester includes a single Topre switch in the Novatouch style. This means it has a purple MX stem. It will be interesting to see what this actually looks like inside. How it’s constructed could lead to interesting things. But this is currently the best way of getting a single Topre switch. I am still hoping that they make the Topre keychains easier to get.

New Kishsaver Update

New Model F Inner Assembly I think this is one of the most exciting projects currently running in the community and it is great so see progress happing at such a pace. For those not familiar with the project, it is to recreate and produce new Kishsavers and the slightly larger 77 key Model F. It is currently in the prototyping stage and parts are now turning up.
It is incredible to see a project of this scale and ambition coming into fruition. It has been such a long time since these keyboards have been made and they are now being brought back to life. You can currently voice your interest and orders will be opening in the coming months.

G.Skill RGB

Most of the interest for this keyboard is aimed at the Cherry RGB switches that have recently been released from the exclusivity deal with Corsair. It is a full 104 key + sized keyboard with an incredibly noticeably outlandish design. The very intense launch video does say it is fully programmable. It comes in both an RGB and non RGB model priced at $159.99 and $119.99.

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