Week in Keyboards #10

Zealios Groupbuy Started

This is an interesting GB as it is the first custom switch the community has seen. It comes in both tactile and linear variants with the option of 62g, 65g and 67g variants. It is being held at zealpc.net. Each order also allows you to be in an exclusive bingecap raffle.

Keychatter Store

Preparations have begun for the opening of the keychatter store.

Artisan keycaps, custom cables, custom cases, and keyboard parts coming soon!

I’m not sure what artisans and products will be offered. But this is a nice direction for the store to go. I belive livingspeedbump will do something good with it.

Shine 5 Release Date Still Murky

Ducky shine 5 will have its first launch in Australia in September.

Posted by Ducky Keyboard on Wednesday, 19 August 2015

imgur Mirror

So September for Australia and I believe it is already shipping in Taiwan.

There also seems to be something interesting going on regards to the double layer PCB.

Ducky為了讓 Cherry RGB 燈光更亮,也方便專業玩家日後自行改裝SMD LED燈與軸體,因此推出「2片雙層板電路板PCB設計」,率先採用於Ducky Shine 5與羊年限定版。這些高成本的設計,為的不只是讓Ducky鍵盤表現更...

Posted by Ducky Keyboard on Tuesday, 25 August 2015

imgur Mirror

This does look a bit like innovation. But I can’t quite tell from the photos what is actually going on.


The universal plate featured last week is now live on massdrop. This is not the same as the JDcarpe designed LeandreN one. But was designed with fewer options in order for it to be cheaper, therefore a viable option for many. It also comes with a nice selection of colours for anodizing.

It seems sentrantpc is gearing up for something with an interest check for custom spring weights. If you are interested in getting your perfect switch weight, I suggest you fill out the interest form.


The PCB and Plate GB is now over and in the production/invoicing stage. As this is an interesting GB, I think it worth covering. PayPal issues have been resolved. Everyone has been invoiced and around 80% already paid. Plates are done and are now ready for anodizing. This means you can expect them in 2 weeks ish.

That previous link is to LeandreN’s blog which hast just started up. I imagine it will be a good place for more information on what’s happening.


With a manufacturing delay on the Diverge II’s PCB everything is now on track. Shipping should have started today.

New Ortholinear Keyboard

This was announced on the latest episode of Board Makers. It is a planck with an additional row on top, or bottom depending how you look at it.

This is also a good time to mention Board Makers the premier keyboard podcast. Episode 10 came out today.


Binge Hoards Hyperfuse

Binge bought 100 additional sets of GMK hyperfuse which ran on Ctrlalt earlier in the year. They will soon be sold on binge’s website bingecap.com


A groupbuy has started for Gen.s’s keycaps pictured here Orders are ending 1st of September so I though it worth mentioning before it had gone.
They all look of great quality, but they are quite pricey. Prices:

  • Gem Caps $20
  • Daft Punk $50
  • Shipping $6-13 (CONUS to International)

  • GB Thread

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