Week in Keyboards #6


Geekhack Fund-raiser

To keep geekhack running a fund-raiser has been started. The fund-raiser is taking the form of a giveaway where you can get an item for however much you donate. This is currently for CONUS as shipping costs would make this less of a fundraiser.
There do seem to be some interesting items available. Currently on offer are Cherry t-shirts and Cherry window stickers. However, not all items and t-shirt designs are being shown so you will not know exactly what you are getting. My favourite item shown is the Cherry branded beer stein.


This is the best keyboard podcast there is. It is interesting to hear all about the keyboard production and thoughts behind all the designs.
This week’s episode features livingspeedbump of Keychatter.


Scalaria Orders Haven Ended

This shouldn’t be too helpful news as this is the end of the sale period. But for those who partook. They will now be on their way to production. As this is a community project, I find these particularly interesting and worth keeping an eye on.


TextBlade Getting Closer to Shipping

Because of the rocky entirety of the TextBlade project, I am not entirely confident that this will be fulfilled. It is an interesting project which is why I think it is worth following.
The reasons for the delays are almost all speculative. As updates are a bit far and between.


This image is a render

This is a custom keyboard currently in the Groupbuy phase. I thought this was something I should mention as it is of very high quality and only 20 will be made. It’s winkeyless (no winkeys) very aluminium and comes with a fancy brass weight. This is one of my favourite things about this keyboard. Although this is becoming a common thing to do, I always think it looks great. At around $420 this is an expensive keyboard but looks to be of excellent quality. Unfortunately this is out of my price range, but I think this will be a great keyboard for any collection. It is one of the nicest customs I have seen in a long time.


New Alps Keycaps

This is a rare sight, because this is the first of its kind on this scale. Massdrop is offering Alps keycap sets in black, dolch and olivette colour schemes.
I believe this was foreshadowed by the v60’s listed on mechanicalkeyboards.com. Although these are the mx variants, it showed that KBP is interested in producing the dolch colour scheme. Perhaps this groupbuy will help gauge the communities interest in more interesting Alps keycaps.

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