Topre Keyset Given Extra Life

I was awake one night and thinking about keycaps when I realised this should have finished by now. That is the case however it was extended by a week. What’s also notable is the further behind the scenes negotiations that could potentially make this more enticing. There are no changes yet, but I do feel hope for this project.

Possible Movement for Uniqey

uniqey concept I saw this posted on reddit but nothing was sent out on the official newsletter or updated on the gmk website. From what I understand these are just concept images for advertising purposes. Despite that, they do look quite nice. I’m not too sure about some of those colour combinations but the blue and white is excellent by itself.

I’m assuming these were created by Grau Wild. Find more of these concept images on their website.

Mechanical Keyboards For Noobs

This was a live event by skiwithpete a little bit of introductory things and many keycaps. This is a nice video if you are looking for keyboard stuff to watch.


RGB POK3R lit This is again nothing new. The announcement was a photo of a RGB POK3R with no release date confirmed.

Nonetheless, they are closer than they previously were.



This is the GMK SNES themed keyset (shock!) now on Massdrop. I have to say that for me this is one of my favourite themed keycap sets. It captures the colours and also looks very nice in the mockups.

With the base set at $119.99 and including 146 keycaps you are getting a nice amount of keycaps with a nice amount of layout support. The additional ‘Super FX Chip Pack’ you get some darker modifiers and a colourful WASD.

To get this to happen the MOQ is set for 500 Units

SEALWoodworking on Massdrop

SEALWoodworking is inanis on gh. These are 60% cases handmade out of wood. For this drop you are given the choice of Black Walnut, Purpleheart and Tigerwood. Although I have not had one of these cases, from my interaction with inanis they are a very nice person.
If you are looking for a wooden 60% case this would be a good community person to support.

New F62 and F77 Prototype Photos

F62 Case prototype 2015 dec This has been long awaited and these photos are proof that this is an excellent project. Although these won’t be here for christmas the project has been moving rapidly.

Be sure to look at the thread to see all the photos as it is incredible to see these IBM style cases made again. Also be aware that these photos are possibly not too accurate to the colours you will see with your eyes.

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60% Acrylic Case

Early render of case Early Render

I thought this was quite a nice project as the custom cases are becoming harder to come by than the PCB’s. Especially one as competitively priced as this one. The current estimation is £35 for this acrylic 60% case. Other options are being explored and aluminium could be a possibility but at a higher price.

This project was started by xondat on geekhack.

HKP Christmas Sale on the 16th

The sale is not yet live so no link to the form. Looks to include some very nice colours.

WhiteFox Probably a Success

I say probably, but there is really no question about it. The first batch of 1000 sold in no time, now the maximum number has been extended to 2000. If you missed out on the first 1000, then you are in luck.

For those not in the know, the WhiteFox is a 65% keyboard created by matt3o.

Matt3o Topre Keyset

skull squadron topre keyset Although this was a very interesting idea, it seems that it is not too popular. Currently the Skull Squadron colour way is on Massdrop but is shy of the 200 $139 price point. With 1 day to go, it does not look like this will be a huge success.
Although this is a real shame it seems that the strict constraints of the project, the price and the MOQ have just put people off. Hopefully this is not the end of the Topre keyset resurgence. A lot of work went into this set so it’s a shame to see it flounder like it is.

XC Cable Debut


A new cable has been put up on the store. These seem a little different to the traditional braided cable as the individual wires are wrapped and braided.
This debut colour comes in a number of patterns.

New KeyboardCo Website

keyboardco website december 2015 For those in the UK the KeyboardCo is a fairly good source of mechanical keyboards. For a long time the website had a very distinctive design, that might not have been the most aesthetically pleasing. It now looks quite nice, but if you are feeling nostalgic for the old look it is still available at the click of a button.

QMX Clip Giveaway

For those interested I am giving away a set of QMX clips (-1). The only requirement is to have a board you can use them on. So a photo of your board is required.

A little more info

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The QMX Switch Dampeners or noise reducers are an effort by GMK to silence switches. I believe this is a product that is supposed to be the launching of their new Uniqey branch of custom keyboards. However, these were announced a long time ago and nothing has come of it yet. So what we currently have is the QMX clips.

What they are, are small plastic covers that go over the top of your switches and the sound is dampened by the keycap falling onto a foam pad that is on top.

I am very 50/50 on these. It is first worth pointing out the fundamental flaw which renders these semi useless. The fact they will not work on plate mounted keyboards. This is because they will simply not fit on keyboards with a plate. This is an incredible shame as I can confirm that they do work and do not completely destroy the feel of switches.

These are such a hit and a miss its incredible. To come so close and to completely miss what you are aiming for was perfectly done by GMK on this one. I can only hope the Uniqey keyboard is an incredible board that brings back PCB mounted keyboards and converts everyone. If that doesn’t happen, then these have such a small use case.

To test these I had to borrow my friends ErgoDox which did not have a plate. I’m no webwit but I own a couple of keyboards, but none of them at the time were PCB mount only.

What’s in the box?

I got two boxes. The first contained the GMK switch tester the second, the clips. GMX clip boxes I do very much like the switch tester. It is a clear demonstration of the QMX clips ability and is also nice to have a GMK product. It includes 10 switches Red, Black, Brown, Clear and Blue. Both with and without the QMX clips. It comes with 5 very nice GMK doubleshots which justify this product already. GMK Switch Tester

clips in box The clips come in their own box in stacks of 5 and you get a total of 110 so you are covered for pretty much all the plate mounted keyboards you have. You also get a plastic keypuller that doubles as a tool to put the clips on.

Using the Clips

Putting on the clips is time consuming but not as much as dental banding a Topre board. The tool is actually helpful although you might not think it. They are surprisingly fiddly and can appear almost on but just not quite. For putting most of them on I did use the tool.

Sound comparison on a PCB mounted ErgoDox.

Bonus typing on zealio planck (no dampening).

Listening back to these recordings I couldn’t tell much of a difference. But I will say they do sound better with your ears. In terms of sound these are better than o-rings.

Getting the clips off is a much harder affair. The tool is a one way deal. I’m not sure if you are just meant to keep them on forever, but I could not get the tool to aid at all in the removal process. Instead, I used my own DIY switch opener which is a bent fork. Removing the clips was not a fun experience.

How do they feel?

They feel really good. This is something I was surprised by but I do think these could be nice to type on fulltime. They do feel slightly different, It is hard to describe these as with any switch mod or variation. But you are typing on a small layer of foam. If you are bottoming out, which is a little easier to do with the reduced travel, it feels like a softer landing. At first I really was confused by the feel. It was a noticeable difference. Once I had adjusted, I found I had no problems. Despite the reasonable feel, it is not a feeling that I am left craving after using it.

If you are looking for a dampening solution I do think these are worth looking into. But they do themselves the biggest disfavour by not being compatible with a huge amount of keyboards.
It is hard to put into words, but this is this was a misfire so close to the mark but ultimately a little bit useless.


I will giveaway my QMX clips. I think I have 109 as I dropped the box and had a hard time finding them all again.

  • International
  • Free


  • You must however send me a time stamped photo of your pcb mounted board. Please tweet it to me.

I will pick someone next Friday. You may also subscribe to my youtube channel if you please.

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