[CTRL]ALT Producing Keycaps in Collaboration With JTKeycaps

I would just like to make it clear and reiterate that this is in fact a joint venture between [CTRL]ALT and JTKeycaps. [CTRL]ALT is not manufacturing the keycaps by themselves.

Quite excitingly it seems that a new keycap producer is entering the game, and this time from a familiar face. Just announced on geekhack. [CTRL]ALT is collaborating with JTKeycaps to produce keycaps to rival the current offering. There is little information at the moment but the current offering is doubleshot ABS keycaps. At the moment the offering is just for MX keycaps. But it seems like Topre keycaps are not an extreme suggestion. Quoting BunnyLake “just mx….for now”.

ctrl keycapBunnyLake’s photo

With only a few photos released at the moment it is of course hard to tell exactly how the keycaps will turn out. But since they are coming from [CTRL]ALT they get the benefit of the doubt. From the limited preliminary photos, they look great. But BunnyLake says they are “looking to match both the quality and flexibility of others in the marketplace”. With only the announcement of doubleshot ABS, GMK is the first company that comes to mind. And they are known for the best quality doubleshot ABS on the market. This of course may be a great indicator of their quality. But they certainly hold quite a tough level to meet. It is also nice to see someone else producing keycaps. Hopefully these keycaps will rival others quality and create a bit of friendly competition.

Two new pictures have been released and the caps are looking good. doubleshot back One thing to note is that this looks like quite a refined doubleshot technique it looks quite unlike other doubleshot keycaps. Usually they appear a little more messy but these look very crisp. The thickness is also looking good. The future is certainly looking bright.

This post will be updated as more information is available