Ultimate Hacking Keyboard Campaign on CrowdSupply

The Ultimate Hacking Keyboard This is an eagerly anticipated keyboard with a unique offering. The UHK is a split 60% with an emphasis on not having to leave the homerow. It is both a split keyboard, but also joins together whenever you need it to be whole.
The current early bird price is $200 with free shipping (in the US) this is the cheapest option with 197 units left as I’m writing this.

The goal is $200,000 and they are currently at $82,000. This is a great keyboard and I really hope this is successful and I see more of these in the wild.

WASD Introduces Wrist Rest

This is not a revolutionary development as many people now seem to be producing wrist rests. The current options are for tenkeyless and a full sized wooden wrist rest. Priced at $58 and $60.


Massdrop has done a couple of surprising things in the past week.

Realforce Hi-Pro and Fountain Pen Bundle

For all the people who were thinking about buying a Hi-Pro and were also in the market for a fountain pen. Massdrop now has you covered with this bundle. It seems like a strange choice for a bundle and I really can’t see the reason behind it.

Barebones Novatouch

For those who missed out on the first drop you now have a second chance. This of course is the Novatouch without the fairly useless stock keycaps. The lowest has yet to be achieved which is in fact the only option. Check your local sources to ensure that this is worth buying, as this does not always equate to being cheaper.

HHKB Aluminium Case

Happy Hackind Keyboard Massdrop Aluminium case This has been an extremely long awaited product ever since the small glimpse at the official aluminium version. The bad news is that they went with the extremely boxy look. This is a shame as it is so close to the thing that was wanted. Already this has spurred another effort to community design and produce one through geekhack.

QMX Clips

These are GMK’s own sound dampening contraptions. They work by sitting on top of the switch and minimising the downstroke sound. The main downside is the fact they can only be used on PCB mounted switches. This rules out a huge amount of keyboards. I have a review of these coming soon.

Twinned with this buy is the GMK switch tester featuring the QMX clips. This is a nice novelty item by itself as you do get 5 nice GMK Q’s.

blahlicus Arbites Software

Blahlicus continues to be a constant driving force in the custom keyboard scene. This release of the Arbites software allows you to reprogram the Diverge, the Diverge II and the Terminus Mini, all through a graphical interface.

AMA With Haata the Founder of Input Club

This happened on Monday but for those who missed it there is interesitng information on the K-type and of course Haata himself.

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Realforce 87u On Massdrop

This is a nice package for those wanting to get a nice Realforce as it comes with a PBT spacebar. Like before there is a real limited availability in what boards are available.
Currently you get the option of:

  • 55g Black Case (sold out)
  • Variable Weight Black
  • 55g White
  • Variable Weight White

I also find it interesting that Topre themselves still haven’t made the PBT spacebars despite acknowledging its existence.

Update on the Wooting Keyboard

The Wooting Tenkeyless Keyboard From the new renders I think I am slightly more interested in this keyboard. The new design is much simpler and does inspire hope for this keybords future. As yet this keyboards key feature has not been revealed, but it is certainly worth watching. The key feature or features are going to be revealed soon.

THKB Update

Tiny hacking keyboard ne0phyte is back working on the THKB which is a 40% (39 key) HHKB esque keyboard. Another prototype has been assembled and things are looking good. For those interested you may still be able to get a prototype PCB. But it seems this has been quite popular. But I wouldn’t worry if you really want one. This is great groupbuy material and I imagine it could be quite successful. This is a custom keyboard with Atmega32u4 so it will have no problem running TMK giving you a completely customisable keyboard.

3d Printed Cases by /u/Ziptyze

3d printed 60% keyboard case I thought this was interesting and something I have not seen a lot of. If you are looking for a 60% case that is slightly different, then I think this is a good option. But they are currently available at 1upkeyboards for $50.

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3D Modelling and Rendering Services

You may have seen some 3d renders appearing for some recent GB’s. Such as Troubled minds Troubled minds keyset render or Alpine Winter Alpine winter alps keysest

These renders are done by a community member thesiscamper who is now offering these type or renderings as a service.

The prices are:

  • $50 for the first render
  • $10 for each additional render/image

Although the renders are very impressive and do look great it would add another cost to a GB. So I don’t see a problem with this pricing as there must be a considerable amount of work going into make them look like this, but it will be up to the individual if they want to get these nice renders for their GB.

UK Meetup

For those of you in the UK who want to attend a geekhack meetup the current plan is the 24th in Brighton. I have not been to one before and I don’t think there has been a great many in the UK. So this may be an interesting opportunity.

Nashville Meetup 10/20

I thought I should also give this a mention as not everyone lives in the UK. But everyone does also not live in Nashville. So this may or may not be relevant to you.

The Monarch Alps 60% With Left Numpad

The Monarch Alps keyboard groupbuy m This is not only a GB for a new alps keyboard, but it also features a semi unusual layout. It is a 60% with the addition of the numpad on the left side as opposed to its usual position on the right. The idea behind this is that you are able to have your mouse slightly closer on the right without sacrificing the functionality of the numpad.

This is a full keyboard kit minus the keycaps. For the current price of $250 you will get:

  • Top Plate
  • Bottom Plate
  • Center Spacer
  • PCB
  • 12 Machine Screws
  • Rubber Feet (4 small and 4 large hemispherical)

The idea is you can get the keycaps and stabilisers from an Apple Extended II to easily cover this keyboard.

Alpine Winters Keyset

Alpine Winters Keyset Diagram Continuing with the Alps theme this keyset is worth a mention. I believe this is the first custom Alps keyset that is community designed and It has been in planning for a long time. Whether we see more alps sets like this in the future, is also unknown. So if you are a fan of alps and you like a nice keyset this is a good opportunity.

Comparisons have been made with the Triumph Adler keyset and I can see some similarity in the colours. But I really think this is a nice combination.

Orders close on October the 24th

Zealios Update

Zealios are getting closer to shipping and will begin to ship to Zeal on the 8th.
You still have the opportunity to purchase them at GB price until Oct 9-12 ish.

PMK is Back in Some Form

The relaunch brings support for mobile devices and everything looks a little better. It does not seem to be without issues as there have been plenty of issues with links going nowhere.

There are a couple of sets available such as deep space and eve. But both of these are available in limited quantities and limited kits. Hopefully this website continues to improve.

Unicomp Website Updated

It has been due for an update for a while and it is finally here. With cosmetic changes and responsive design, this doesn’t bring any new products, but maybe this change was made in preparation for the imminent release of the Unicomp SSK (most definitely conjecture).

New Renders of the K-Type

The K-type The K-Type is the new tenkeyless made by the Input Club who previously made the Infinity ErgoDox as well as the Infinity. I did an announcement post for it here if you want more information. side angle K-type

Vortex Shows POK3R

This is coming from the Vortex Facebook page.

The video is worth a thousand words!

Posted by Vortex Keyboard on Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Coming from Vortex this will likely be a solid RGB 60%.

Artisan Sales

I thought these were worth a mention as these are time sensitive.

Bingecap Now HungerWorkStudio

Binge who is transitioning into creating HungerWorkStudio still has the hyperfuse raffle available. This is a good opportunity to get a bingecap as well as some nice stickers.

HotKeysProject October Sale

Halloween Orange Raven MX HKP Artisan Keycap This sale is only featuring MX keycaps in a small variety of colours. My current favourite is the Halloween edition Raven. All the orange caps look incredibly vibrant and I will certainly consider either a Trooper or a Raven

Green Tea is Back

Green Tea Green and Grey Keyset I haven’t seen too much interest in this yet, which I though strange because of how popular the previous set seems to be in the aftermarket. Green Tea Lite is the new iteration. I am guessing that although it is named lite it is in fact lighter. I really like this set but much prefer the previous look. It is currently in the interest check stage so a little open to suggestion. I believe the render above is SA profile whilst the previous iteration was DCS.

Planck Sets Available on PMK

This news was quite cool as it cements the planck’s position as a popular keyboard choice. This comes in the form of a base set and a modifier set. All these are DSA PBT with a nice range of colours.
The set’s includes:

Planck base set:

  • 32 1u
  • 2 1u deep dish
  • 1 2u

Planck mod set:

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